Larry Tooke

Clinical Manager

Larry worked in public health at Town Hill Hospital before joining Oatlands as Clinical Manager in 2013. Larry works with a talented and caring therapeutic team that meets regularly, both formally and informally, to discuss how best to assist patients in their healing.

Larry tends to works eclectically, drawing on psychological theories that he believes will be most helpful for his clients. His therapeutic interests include Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, DBT, psycho-dynamic approaches and CBT. 

Sally Danckwerts

Sally Danckwerts is a Clinical Psychologist. She has a broad interest in healing and recovery and prefers to match her approach with the individual needs of the patient. She has a particular interest mindfulness-based interventions.

Doug Mansfield

Dr Douglas Mansfield is a clinical psychologist and researcher with an interest in consciousness, perception and social intelligence. Neuropsychological assessment – investigating the effects of brain disease and injury on thinking and behaviour is an important area of practice at Oatlands. Doug works eclectically to integrate neuroscience with cognitive and psychodynamic therapies.

Alistair Mork-Chadwick

Alistair Mork-Chadwick is the developer and facilitator of the Oatlands Psych-Educational program. He is a psychotherapist and training facilitator who enjoys interacting with people and helping individuals and groups to implement lasting, positive change. Alistair focuses on building emotional literacy both personally and inter-personally.

Quaraisha Baig

Quaraisha is a Clinical Psychologist with a keen interest in human behaviour and the way the brains works. She decided to channel her interest into a meaningful career that keeps her interested and intrigued. Quaraisha feels it is important to work in a manner that is respectful to the person at all times using a non judgmental, confidential approach. She works collaboratively with the person in an evidence based manner that aims to establish an authentic relationship regardless of the persons characteristics, culture or social stature.

Marion Greene

Marion's therapeutic approach is informed by a psychodynamic perspective within which she incorporates body-based approaches such as Stress and Trauma Release Excercises (TRE) and Somatic Experiencing and Soma Embodiment Touch and Movement.  Marion has a great interest and passion for Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy which adds a unique experiential embodied context to the therapeutic process.

Julia Braine

Julia, a Clinical, Counselling and Educational Psychologist, was employed by the then University of Natal, and the current University of KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg campus) as a lecturer, and thereafter as the Director of the Student Counselling and Careers Centre. Her interests are many and varied: she works according to her clients’ needs as they reflect on and redefine their sense of self, and meaning of their life.