Stress Reduction Therapy

Stress Reduction Therapy focuses on experiential learning in which patients are given practical tools to improve their mind and body health.  These include coping skills, mindfulness practices, emotional regulation techniques and relaxation.  Patients are encouraged to integrate these practices into their daily lives in order to facilitate their healing and to maintain states of natural well-being.

Inner life, outer life

As children our environment and life events interact with our temperament to create our inner life which reflects our cognitive and emotional understanding of the world and our place in it. This inner life becomes the basis from which we interact with our outer life as we grow older – causing us to automatically behave in particular ways that can keep us from growing and living more effectively.

This group therapy focuses on understanding our inner responses and starting a journey of change - considering more productive ways of relating and living. As we work at becoming less locked into the patterns that arise from the wounds of our inner life and gradually shift our behaviour in our outer life, this can lead to growth, bring about a change of perspective and open up our lives.   

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy brings the dimension to our programme where individuals are invited to re-author their lives. What are your your received narratives? Do they liberate or oppress you? How might you re-write your life script now? These are some of the questions asked in the journey to self-discovery and creating a sense of meaning and self-mastery.

Psych education

The Psych Education sessions draw upon research in the broad field of psychology, especially the field of Emotional Intelligence. Patients build their knowledge and skills in managing themselves and their significant relationships through assessing their interpersonal behaviour,  emotional habits and competencies. This leads to new insights and perspectives, greater resilience, and more effective functioning.

Creative Expression

During creative expression sessions, Vicky guides  patients in exploring their creative selves and connecting with their non-verbal and 'right-brained' identities. Sessions include projective art, expressive art, poetry, music, process and discussion. No prior art experience is required as the focus is on the process of creation rather than the end product. All you need is a willingness to explore your inner self and an open mind.

Personality and Communication

Communicating effectively with others requires that we understand more about ourselves. This means that we need to uncover the factors that have led up to and maintained our personality and behaviour, and the ways we are perceived by others.

This group will encourage you to embark on a journey of self reflection and insight with the expectation that the exploration will lead you towards greater self knowledge and meaning, and the role these play in your communication skills. Group interactions will stimulate and support your potential to effect positive changes in your own life and your interactions with others.

Healing with Horses

Equine Facilitated therapy sessions are offered at Oatlands Care Centre. These groups are facilitated by Marion Greene (Clinical Psychologist and Somatic Experience Practitioner) and a well- established horse herd that lives as naturally as possible.    The groups take place outdoors in beautiful surroundings which in itself is nurturing and healing.  Within the horse herd participants learn about the nervous system, how it is effected by stress and life challenges.  The wisdom of the horse herd brings a wide range of opportunities to receive learning, insight, find balance, healing and transformation in an experiential and embodied way. 

The horses invariably offer their own gifts freely as skilled co-facilitators around self-awareness, awareness of other, relationships,  connection to self and other, as well as, boundaries, to name a few.  Each session at the horses is  unique and specific to the individual and the group of the day. Both participants and horses can interact freely and no previous experience with horses is needed to participate in these groups. 

Equine Facilitated therapy is available every second week during the Covid pandemic. At least 8 or 9 patients are required for the therapy to go ahead.


Strategic Therapy

Strategic therapy groups at Oatlands are interactive, psycho-educational groups that focus on using particular strategies to promote understanding and development.