Terry Wilson

Hospital Manager

Terry is an experienced, meticulous and dedicated manager whose care and expertise are appreciated by staff and patients alike. Terry managed Riverview Manor for ten years before relocating to Howick to open Oatlands Care Centre.

Larry Tooke

Clinical Manager

Larry worked in public health at Town Hill Hospital before joining Oatlands as Clinical Manager in 2013. Larry works with a talented and caring therapeutic team that meets regularly, both formally and informally, to discuss how best to assist patients in their healing.

Larry tends to works eclectically, drawing on psychological theories that he believes will be most helpful for his clients. His therapeutic interests include Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, DBT, psycho-dynamic approaches and CBT. 

Jo Van Dalen

Nursing Manager

Sr Jo Van Dalen has been nursing for 21 years. Her love and passion has always been in psychiatry where her area of expertise is evident.

Sr Jo worked at Sunfield home for 5 years before joining Oatlands in April 2020. She heads up a team of experienced and dedicated nurses at Oatlands Care Centre.

Sally Danckwerts

Sally Danckwerts is a Clinical Psychologist. She has a broad interest in healing and recovery and prefers to match her approach with the individual needs of the patient. She has a particular interest mindfulness-based interventions.

Lee Buchanan

Lee Buchanan is a Clinical Psychologist. Lee uses a psychodynamic approach to individual depth work. Ecosystemics and Narrative Therapy is the basis for Lee’s group therapy work at Oatlands which brings the perspective of cultural awareness and the idea that one can refuse to be swept along in societal discourse and thereby rescript one’s life authentically.

Doug Mansfield

Dr Douglas Mansfield is a clinical psychologist and researcher with an interest in consciousness, perception and social intelligence. Neuropsychological assessment – investigating the effects of brain disease and injury on thinking and behaviour is an important area of practice at Oatlands. Doug works eclectically to integrate neuroscience with cognitive and psychodynamic therapies.

Alistair Mork-Chadwick

Alistair Mork-Chadwick is the developer and facilitator of the Oatlands Psych-Educational program. He is a psychotherapist and training facilitator who enjoys interacting with people and helping individuals and groups to implement lasting, positive change. Alistair focuses on building emotional literacy both personally and inter-personally.

Quaraisha Baig

Quaraisha is a Clinical Psychologist with a keen interest in human behaviour and the way the brains works. She decided to channel her interest into a meaningful career that keeps her interested and intrigued. Quaraisha feels it is important to work in a manner that is respectful to the person at all times using a non judgmental, confidential approach. She works collaboratively with the person in an evidence based manner that aims to establish an authentic relationship regardless of the persons characteristics, culture or social stature.

Marion Greene

Marion's therapeutic approach is informed by a psychodynamic perspective within which she incorporates body-based approaches such as Stress and Trauma Release Excercises (TRE) and Somatic Experiencing and Soma Embodiment Touch and Movement.  Marion has a great interest and passion for Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy which adds a unique experiential embodied context to the therapeutic process.

Julia Braine

Julia, a Clinical, Counselling and Educational Psychologist, was employed by the then University of Natal, and the current University of KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg campus) as a lecturer, and thereafter as the Director of the Student Counselling and Careers Centre. Her interests are many and varied: she works according to her clients’ needs as they reflect on and redefine their sense of self, and meaning of their life.

Constance Mkhize

Dr Mkhize is a qualified Clinical Psychologist with 14 years of experience in the field. She completed her undergraduate degree BA-UNIZULU, Postgraduate degree -Honours BA in UNIZULU, Masters in Clinical Psychology UKZN (PMB) and went on to pursue her PhD in Community Psychology in UNIZULU.

Vicky Clark

Vicky has worked in a variety of government and private psychiatric sessions offering individual and group therapy sessions. She strives to provide an holistic and solution focused therapy experience and has been a member of the Oatlands Team since 2013.

Vicky has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Pretoria) and Masters of Philosophy (Therapeutic Groupwork) (UKZN)

Dr Stewart Lund

Dr Lund qualified in 1989 and has been in private practice since 1991. His special interests are mood and anxiety disorders, as well as old age psychiatry. He has been a psychiatrist at Oatlands since its inception.

Dr Andrew Pickford

Since qualifying as a doctor in 1986, Dr Pickford has practiced as a general practicioner in many different parts of the world and of South Africa. In addition to numerous post-graduate qualifications he holds a degree in theology. He qualified as a specialist psychiatrist in 2013 and pursues a holistic approach to mental health. His special areas of interest include addictions and adult ADHD.

Dr Bonga Mbatha

Dr Mbatha is a qualified psychiatrist based in the Natal Midlands. She previously worked in a number of state hospitals, managing patients with psychiatric disorders.She specializes in treating patients with Mood disorders(Bipolar Mood Disorders, Depression), anxiety disorders, trauma related disorders and psychotic disorders such as Schizophrenia and has understanding of the impact of cultural factors on an individual's mental health. Dr Mbatha performs a comprehensive assessment and works closely with psychologists,OTs ,social workers and others.

Dr Khatija Olla

Dr Olla has worked at a number of psychiatric hospitals, both in South Africa and the United Kingdom before settling in Pietermaritzburg. Her areas of interest include Depressive Mood Disorders, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Anxiety and Stress related Disorders and Personality Disorders. Dr Olla uses a problem-oriented, holistic approach to helping her patients; incorporating medication, individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy. She is a proud advocate of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Dr Narushni Pillay

Dr Narushni Pillay is a specialist psychiatrist who hails from Durban. She completed her undergraduate Degree MBChB in Natal and went on to pursue her passion in Psychiatry completing her diploma in Mental Health, Masters in Medicine and Fellowship in Psychiatry.

She has extensive experience due to her exposure at various hospitals  in Natal and Bloemfontein. Before entering practice, she was a Consultant at Town Hill Hospital. Her interests lie in Neuropsychiatry, Adolescent Psychiatry, Addiction and all other forms of General Psychiatry.

Admin Staff

Our admin staff are here to welcome you on admission, and assist as far as they are able with medical aid authorisations and queries. Admin office hours are Monday-Friday, 08:00 –17:00

Nursing Staff

Our nurses have on-going in-house training to equip them to care for patients in a professional and ethical manner. Qualified nurses are on duty 24 hours a day.

Catering Staff

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