Covid-19 Measures

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic Oatlands has put measures in places to protect patients and staff from viral infection. We ask that all patients and their families review these measures and agree to them prior to admission. Those most at risk from the virus are the elderly, people with underlying conditions including:  lung, heart or liver disease,  diabetes and those who are immuno-compromised.

Creating a Therapeutic Community 
We are painfully aware that many of these measures are contrary to our usual practices and our normal therapeutic goals of reducing isolation and increasing social connection. We ask all patients to respect the measures and for us to work together as a community to create meaningful connection despite the restrictions. Together we can find a way to create a sense of community, address our challenges constructively and focus on healing and personal growth even in this abnormal situation.

Measures and Procedures
COVID-19 spreads through personal contact with an infected person, from droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes or through contact with surfaces that are infected by the virus.

To protect yourself and those around you (and those close to them) it is important to practice hygiene measures and safety procedures. These include:

  • Frequent hand sanitising.
  • Wearing of masks.,
  • Refraining from physical contact with staff and other patients.
  • Maintaining a physical distance (one and a half metres) from other patients and staff. 


In addition, the following safety measures are in place:

•    Staff and patients must report whether they have been in contact with anyone known to be infected by the virus. 
•    Staff and patients will have their temperature taken daily to check for fever. This is an important precautionary measure although it will not detect infected persons who are asymptomatic.
•    Visiting hours have been restricted to 15 minutes a day between 3:30pm and 5 pm.  
•   Family members may drop off or fetch items at the entrance of Oatlands but will not be permitted to enter the hospital. 
•    In some circumstances it may be necessary to ask a partner or family member to come to Oatlands in order to attend a session as part of the therapeutic process. This will be at the discretion of the psychologist or psychiatrist concerned.
•   No pass-outs will be permitted. Once a week, on a Wednesday, Oatlands will facilitate purchases from the local Spar. Patients can request and pay for items that will be procured by a staff member.
•    In the common spaces, such as in group therapy, the dining hall and in the atrium, patients must maintain safe physical distancing.

Therapeutic Groups will proceed as normal, with appropriate physical distancing in place.

Thank you for your understanding. We are committed to providing a helpful therapeutic environment to assist in the healing and growth of all who enter through our doors.